Genetics Digipak

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Genetics in Clinical Practice 'Digipak' Cover

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Distribution packaging of the Genetics in Clinical Practice: A Team Approach, second printing, first revision.

The design is reminiscent of medical texts in the use of traditional serif fonts and the wide vertical bar near the binding.

The underlying concept is based on the structure of DNA. The background consists of triplets — in text — of the nucleotide base pairs (Guanine-Cytosine & Adenine-Thymine) which determine the various amino acids coded by the DNA. One base pair in the text and one on the graphical representation of DNA are highlighted in magenta to emphasize a possible point mutation of a gene as well as to add visual interest and move the viewer's eye through the compostion. The "T-A" under the subtitle were chosen to reinforce the team approach.

A 'Digipack' is a CD/DVD case printed on card stock rather than the traditional jewel case insert. This format allowed for a fold-out cover that contained an additional 4 panels with information such as installation instructions, continuing education credits, and program navigation tips that, being integral to the packaging, remain readily available for user reference.

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