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DVD Case Insert, Sexual Assault: Forensic and Clinical Management

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The layout and type styles of this DVD case insert are derived from medical/nursing textbook design. The pastel colors were chosen to soften the force of the content.

The client requested a logo to be used for the packaging materials as well as on the program's splash screen. This was a challenge because the program had several goals: one, compassionate care for the survivors of sexual assault, two, instruction in using a standardized sexual assault forensic exam kit to collect and and preserve physical evidence and, three, court testimony on behalf of the survivor. As such, I used imagery of the primary medical instrument, the cotton swab, and the primary legal instrument, DNA evidence. Two swabs are literally used to collect each specimen; in the logo they also become sybmolic of the relationships of nurse and patient, medicine and law.

To avoid the logo becoming overwrought, the legal aspect of the program was intimated using a light — almost embossed — set of scales. Key scenes and elements, credits, system requrements, and trademarks complete the design.

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