VTRA O-box

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VTRA O-Box (Proof) For DVD Amaray Case

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This design was developed hand-in-hand with the printer using custom made dies. When folded and glued into a sleeve-style box it holds a double-thickness (containing 2-4 discs, or more) DVD case with a book-flap on the front.

The format was chosen to give this first-responder training program a video game appeal. Many video games are packaged in an oversized, glossy, outer sleeve that gives their product a stronger presence on store shelves than the standard DVD case. In this instance, the developers wanted a similar look to attract attention to the product when presented at conferences.

The front panel opens to reveal a "tour" of the Virtual Terrorism Response Academy. The spread is arranged around the overhead view of the virtual academy that is used for in-program navigation. Screen captures and hi-res 3-D renders show scenes and hazmat equipment used in the 3-D gaming environment. The program's first-responder mentors are introduced with their credentials. The back panel contains a blurb, system requirements, and credits.

The final product was varnished for a high gloss in keeping with the video game style, to increase the visual depth of the textures in the design, and to enhance the emergency vehicle type motif.

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