Workplace Accident Investigation: Magnet Roller Injury

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These are illustrations from a case in which a man's arm and hand were crushed and burned between the drums of a machine used to roll out refrigerator magnet material. The machine had all safety devices missing at the time of the accident.

Using pre- and post-accident video and photographs and a side-elevation diagram of the machine, I created a perspective view illustration of the machine (below, left), with one side rendered semi-opaque to show the post-accident configuration with the correct safety equipment installed.

I also illustrated a clean version of the side-elevation (below, right) clearly showing the location of the safety equipment and the points at which the injured man's arm entered and was pulled through the hot rollers (red arrows).

Illustrated with Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator®.

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Magnet Roller Perspective View Magnet Roller Side View

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