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Human Anatomy, Non-Surgical (2 of 2)
CMI 02: Relationship of Aorta, Trachea, Esophagus, & Spine
Human Anatomy (Non-Surgical)
Objective: To Illustrate the anterior-posterior relationships of the aorta, trachea, esophagus and spine. Used to clarify a thoracic MRI to be used as an exhibit in medical-legal case. The anterior spinal artery is shown so the jury could understand the primary means of perfusion of the spinal cord as a secondary objective; however, the attorney requested that the spinal branches between the posterior intercostal arteries and the anterior spinal artery be omitted to keep the image simple for the intended audience.

References: Magnetic resonance image films, articulated vertebral column (natural bone), Morris' Human Anatomy, Clemente's Anatomy, Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, attorney's medical expert

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Mode of Presentation/Audience: Exhibit / Trial jury

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