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Elective, Color for Web
CMI 08: Arsenic in the Food Web
Elective, Color for Web
Objective: To illustrate of one of seven research projects undertaken by Dartmouth Toxic Metals Research to investigate how arsenic in the environment causes disease in humans. This illustration shows how environmental arsenic (arsenate) is taken up by phytoplankton, which in turn are ingested by zooplankton, which are then ingested by fish. Intended as a general introduction to a food web and biomagnification, a topic which will be illustrated more in depth as the study continues.

References: Aquatic biology texts, micrographs of zooplankton, content experts: Joshua Hamilton, Ph. D., Celia Chen, Ph.D. (Dartmouth Medical School)

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Mode of Presentation/Audience: Web page / Biologists, biology students, & general audience

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